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 Women of Faith Series



When one begins to read, canvas and glean out the bezels of wisdom and historical facts, dates and events without recognizing the role of women, is to observe history and behold the church with only one eye opened.  A historical survey of the church will reveal the rich heritage, which is indebted to the tireless efforts of countless women who have contributed to church. Women from the very beginning have not only participated in the early formulation of the church but also from the initial outset of Christ and His ministry. These same individuals have often equally shared in the toil and tribulations with their male counterparts. These same women, in their own effort, have greatly contributed to its glorious foundation, literary pillars and spiritual heritage.  It is my intent to present a number of women whose legacy can be traced within the cornucopia of pages, which are lined up on the bookshelves of numerous libraries.  The area will be confined around the Mediterranean Sea.  Although, I will yet span the countless centuries encapsulating them and their tireless efforts into manageable size; this is because the contributions of women are not pale, in comparison to men when viewed on a proportional basis, because their contributions mirror their male counterparts.

The First Four Volumes will include:
Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila
Dialouges by Catherine of Sienna
Showings by Julian Norwich
Selections by Jessie Penn-Lewis (5)
Catherine Emmerich


Life and Select Works of Catherine of Sienna Click this to purchase any selection

This month's special:

Available Now 2009  
Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila
translated by the "Benedictines of Stanbrook"


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Available Now 2009  
Dolorious Passion
translated from French


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Showings by Julian of Norwich
translated by the " H. Cressy"
Available Now
ISBN# 978-0-9841731-5-0


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Brown Book, Turning


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