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 The focus of this series is to provide today's reader with the essential mystical writings that are a part of our Christian heritage. The selected written works are a culmination of screening the best of this genre from the numerous documents, which are available. We selected these works based on a number of factors. The greatest impact upon the body of Christ, their insight of the genre and their related impact on other writers coupled with the feasibility of this text to be used as a guide, in a stand alone application. They are the primary indicators used, coupled with other factors in making our selection.  Much of this work was born, raised and fostered within monastaries around the world; from England to the Sahara Desert.  They address the importance of communion, effectual , calling ect.

Ascent of Mount Carmel Vol 1
     St John of the Cross   

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Cell of Knowledge Vol 3


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Newly Translated from Medieval English
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The Dark Night of the Soul Vol 2
    St John of the Cross


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Divine Consolation  by Angela Foligno



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Available Now as Vol. #6
Mysticism of St. Francis of Assisi


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Available Now as Vol. #5
Cloud of Unkowing by Walter Hilton OSA


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Brown Book, Turning


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Dunns Scotus    First Principle; 4:21