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Desert Farthers Series
This series are from the sayings, history and development of the early desert fathers. From out of these works comes some of the most revered efforts for thso of the monastic ruled communities. These same peopl, such as Augustine, Venerable Bede, Isadora and many others share their views against many heresies. Their praise in spirit is seen in all their efforst from washing of the feet to the Eucharist.

Classic sayings of the Desert Fathers


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Wisdom of the Desert   @ $14.95
ISBN # 978-0-9818202-0-0  
Book 1


This is book 1

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Desert Fathers Series
Vol. 3    Desert Fathers Book 2
translated from German
ISBN # 978-0-9818202-2-4  
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Now available
Works by Ephraim as Vol 5
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This is an early powerhouse, influencing not only the Desert Fathers but also many other theologians.

New Volumes added to this Series, now readily available:

Mystical Treatises by Isaac of Nineveh 

Primitive Morals  by Mark the Syrian

This is Book 2, of the lives, objectives and history of the Desert Fathers.


Desert Fathers Series
Desert Fathers
Vol. 2    Book 1
ISBN # 978-0-9818202-1-7  
translated from German
Now available @ $16.95


"Selection" by Evigarius This is an early powerhouse, influencing not only the Desert Fathers but also many other theologians. This is a first in English. translated from Greek

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For the first time in English, this work "Steps to Paradise" wriiten by John Climacus, was commented on by Luis de Granada, in the 1500's is now available, for the first time.

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Brown Book, Turning


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