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Philosopher's Palate

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 To this end, we present this series; 'Philosopher's Palate' as a means not only to present and articulate in a methodical manner, but also to engage, facilitate and foster a renewed interest in not only our intellectual heritage, but also our philosophical arenas. There you may indulge either your interest or passion while being exercised, trained, and tutored by some of the greatest minds God has bestowed upon us for His edification.  Some of the works are rooted in Plato and Aristotle addressing many dogmas, which we recognize in our belief.
They range from faith, happiness and pride up to perfection, suffering, temptation wisdom and zeal. Explore this essential segment of our faith.

       Divine Names  Vol 1
      Pseudo Dionysius


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Translated from Greek
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Greek Thinkers Vol. 1
T. Gomperz

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Now available Vols. 1-3.

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First Prinicple   Vol 2
Duns Scotus


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Translated from Latin
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Translated from French
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"Pensees" by Blaise Pascal 
Completely re-edited and formatted

All our Works are available on "Kindle."

Brown Book, Turning


Among living things, what has understanding is better than what lacks intelligence.”

Dunns Scotus    First Principle; 4:21