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Revelation-Insight Publishing Co

Church History Series
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Desert Fathers Series
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Great Christian Mystical Writings
Monastic Series
Pilgrim's Pantry
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Revelation-Insight Publishing Co.
Home of the Pilgrim's Pantry Series, Great Christian Mystical Writings and Philosophers Palate

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"His Daily Bread"

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Welcome to our web site!  

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On this home page, we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site. We are a Christian based company focused on presenting  the finest in Christian Literature.

Our  main focus are these three series, which  are designed for the Novice, Journeyman and Master level of Spirituality.
With supporting series to compliment the quest.
Our intent is to create a library rivaling any monastery or university on this subject.
The application is to present many traditional works in a totaly
re-edited editions within a properly aligned ability level of experience and exposure.  Never before have these works   been presented in this arrangement nor to these standards.

All Printed Works are 15-20% OFF Amazon LIST PRICES!

The purpose is to ensure certain Christian Writings facilitate the needs of today’s novice, journeyman and master leveled believers.  There is a great need in the church today to introduce Christ’s followers to these essential writings.  As these writers have said repeatedly, in order to come closer to God we need to die to ourselves and become more like He is.  We need to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us into the desired state of being.  Our intention, is to bring together some of the best and well-known writings to the Church in a portable format.

New Works for 2012

Steps to Paradise
ISBN# 978-1-936392-23-0  

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Brown Book, Turning


Among living things, what has understanding is better than what lacks intelligence.”

Dunns Scotus    First Principle; 4:21